Every hero needs a friend - The Perk System

I've finished some code refactoring, and the perk system, now it is implemented in Unity. 

The thing's gonna be easy. There are two types of perks: general and hero perk. Every hero has a perk. You can choose one before the start of the current mission, and it is up to you to take your general or hero perk with you. A few perks for the example: 10% more damage, 20% faster weapon reload, a wolfhound who follows and protects heroes...

And what else happened this week? 

The basic sheets and equations of the game balance have been completed. In order to adjust the difficulty of the missions to the points of the heroes' progression, I've developed a simulation. This tells you a given mission and heroes of a given level, how much medkit, ammo and other resources needs to complete. The point is that we count an efficiency index on every hero and every enemy, then compare the efficiency index of heroes and enemy groups. This is a good little inequality, from which we get the difference that nicely drawn the missing resources.


DeadWorldHeroes-EarlyAccess.apk 74 MB
Sep 27, 2019
DeadWorldHeroes-Wallpapers.zip 1 MB
Sep 29, 2019
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Sep 29, 2019
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Sep 29, 2019

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